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Only a small number of commissions are taken each week to ensure you get the best of my abilities and undivided attention.

With that in mind we recommend you book your date with us as soon as possible, preferably 9-12 months in advance

I offer a free design and tasting consultation for wedding cakes.

When you arrive for your cake consultation, you will be welcomed into my home to an array of freshly baked cake samples.

You will get to take in the beautiful cakes that are on display, to get a real feel for the standard of my work. 

This is the perfect opportunity to bring along any items such as stationery, material, colour swatches or magazine clippings of cake inspiration or any important elements that you wish to use in the final cake design. 

Consultations last around 1 hour and this is your chance to explore lots of design ideas and ask any questions you may have.

Consultations are free of charge and will have enough cake samples for two.

An additional charge will be payable for any additional people attending and this will need to be agreed in advance. 

A quotation will be emailed to you after the consultation for your approval.

It’s your vision that I create, I just help you along with the process.

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